"Neither do I condemn you"


Testimonials - Hope for a Future

“I was so tired of living with the pain of this choice .....The women in my group became very close over a short amount of time and were huge supports for one another...”

“Twenty-five years may seem like a long time but that is how long I carried the guilt , shame, and pain I felt over my abortion. Then I heard of Project Rachel. It took me a year to finally get the nerve to call and ask to join the support group. I am glad that I went.”

“Project Rachel helped me open up and heal the wound in my heart. For the first time I was able to tell my story to a group of women who had different circumstances but shared the same situation......[Project Rachel] let me grieve fully for my unborn child’s forgiveness and my own forgiveness.... There was no judgement or condemnation, only love and compassion.”

“I went from the worst decision of my life - the abortion, to the best decision of my life - Project Rachel.

"I can draw a line through the middle of my life - on one side, before the abortion and on the other side, after the abortion. After, I was a changed person and I didn't like who I was anymore. Now I no longer carry that heavy burden of guilt…Not only has Project Rachel helped me but also my whole family. It's had a ripple affect ."

Testimonials for Men

“After the abortion, we split. I lost the wonderful, creative girlfriend I think God had picked out for me. Our relationship died. Nothing was ever good for us again. And I lost a child. Project Joseph helped me with these losses.”

“No one in the clinic offered me any advice or even cared about me. I wasn't allowed to even be with my girlfriend. I felt powerless, but that was just the beginning of the nightmare. The Project Joseph group understood. They had been there.”

“I thought I was going to be OK with the abortion. I even pressured her into it. We just weren't ready. Maybe later we'll have kids, I told her. About 2 weeks after, I realized what had happened. I wouldn't wish how I feel on my worst enemy. Project Joseph helped me learn what forgiveness means.”

“For 20 years I carried all the guilt and garbage of the abortion around but kept it buried. I told no one. It affected my marriage and we divorced. It wasn't until my only son died that it came to mind that I had lost 2 children. I might have had another here to comfort me. After going through Project Joseph I felt healed enough to reach out to other men to tell them there is forgiveness and healing in Christ. I wear the tiny feet pin to honor my sons.”